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Cardiovascular Activity
Cardiovascular activity occurs as the heart-lung system delivers oxygen to the body for energy production and allows your child to enjoy greater endurance through physical activity during a long period of time.

How will Cardiovascular Training benefit my child?

Stronger heart and lungs
Cardiovascular exercise increases the number of red blood cells that transport oxygen to working muscles and the brain, which boosts endurance, metabolism, and intelligence.

Enhances endurance levels
As a result of cardiovascular training, your child will can better cope with school, athletics, and other important daily activities. He or she will experience less fatigue throughout the day, which will improve his or her ability to stay focused and perform better in and outside the classroom.

Reduces the risk of disease

Moderate levels of aerobic capacity are associated with a reduced risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, obesity, diabetes, some forms of cancer, and other health problems in adults.

Cardiovascular Training Guidelines
Moderate amounts of daily physical activity are recommended for people of all ages. Your child’s physical activity can either be achieved through longer sessions of moderately intense activities, such as brisk 30-minute walk, or in shorter sessions of more intense activities, such as jogging or playing basketball for 15-20 minutes. Physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial.