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FAQs: Kids & Teens
Frequently Asked Questions: Kids and Teens
How easy is it to start a program?
Very! The first two weeks of your fitness program is the conditioning phase, which starts with very simple movement and lasts only 15-20 mins. Conditioning gets your body prepared for more challenging routines and helps you get used to taking time out of your day to workout. 
What will I get from working out?
Everything! You'll get stronger, faster, smarter, and more confident. You look and feel better! And friends and family will look up to you.
How hard is it to exercise?

Not at all!  The Kids for Life e-Fitness program is a lot like a video game. You can set it to Easy, Normal, or Hard.  If it's too easy you can go to the next level and if it's too hard you can go down to a lower setting. Our program is designed to help you find what level and exercises you’ll like the most so you'll want to exercise more.
Can I get hurt working out?

Yes, which is why it's important for you to focus on what you're doing, follow directions and most importantly: ask questions!  We'll provide you with the right answers to keep you safe.
What if I don't have a gym or any gym equipment at home?
No problem! You don't need a fancy gym to get a good workout.  There are thousands of different routines you can do with or without equipment. During your consultation, we'll give you a list of inexpensive gym equipment that you can use anywhere. All you need is 4 x 4 floor space, plenty of water, good music and you're ready to rock!
What about sports?
Sports are great! They're fun, teach you what you're capable of, and provide future careers for some. Sports, however, aren't always for everyone. You just need to find an activity or sport you might like and try it out. 
What if I'm overweight, how long will it take to lose weight?
It depends on how active you are and how well you're controlling you’re eating habits. As a young, growing adult, you possess something most adults have to work extra hard for: a fast metabolism, which allows you to burn calories fast and lose weight easily. 
I'm a boy. How can I get bigger muscles?
Developing bigger muscles depends on how old you are, what you eat, your genetics and what type of training you are involved in. Keep in mind, you're still growing, which means your bones are still growing too.  If you try to lift too much to get bigger muscles, you can damage your body.

Your goal is not to see how much you can lift but how well you can control and perform lifting exercises. It’s the best way to develop bigger muscles without injuring yourself as you grow.
I'm a girl. I don't want big muscles. Will the program make me bulky?
For girls and young ladies, it's very unlikely you will develop big muscles due to the fact that your body does not produce high levels of testosterone, the hormone which causes muscles to grow.  Female body builders with large muscles get that way, usually, by taking hormones and illegal steroids.

The program focuses on higher repetition and complexity of light weight lifting, rather than increasing weights over time for large muscle build up. And, of course, we do not encourage or support illegal drug use of any kind.
How do I know what to eat and what not to eat?
The first step of your consultation is to discover what you like, what you don't like and what your everyday eating habits should be. The next step is to teach you what percentage of different food groups you should eat during the day and which will fit in those categories.

Lastly, we'll consult you on how many calories you should eat during the day and how you can develop a caloric awareness so it will be easy for you to know if you're eating too little or too much.
Is Kids for Life Fitness for everyone?
Our program is fun, gets you in great shape and helps you live a happy and healthy lifestyle; but it is work. You need desire for the program to work for you. Try it for a month to decide if it's right for you. It should take at least three weeks to get accustomed to it.  It's definitely worth a try!