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Paola Carugno, MD   Developmental and Behavior Pediatrics 

" For years, I saw Coach Ray training children during my own training sessions at the gym. His training sessions with them are thorough, fun, safe, developmentally and age appropriate. Now that my daughter is 13, I went to him without hesitation. At an age when many girls decrease their physical activity, in just a few weeks my daughter is stronger, leaner, and better coordinated. Her posture and endurance have improved. She now has the strength and ability to enjoy physical activity more. At this crucial time of her growth, I am confident that exercise and healthy eating are becoming long-term habits that she will incorporate into her lifestyle."



Brunde Broady   CEO & Founder of Strength24

" We first met Ray after a few months of research looking for a specialist that could help my son’s specific health issues.  My son Knute from an early age has dealt with various medical conditions such as muscle weakness, asthma, sleep apnea as well as other conditions that affected his motor skill and scapula.After seeing a few medical professionals that wasn’t able to address my son’s specific needs, I did some research and came across Kids for Life Fitness.
I contacted shortly him after and to my surprise he reassured me that he can address his very specific needs. We became very curious and made an appointment to come in.  We met Ray for Knute’s consultation and training session and to our amazement, he was able to address his weaknesses right away.What was more impressive was the fact he was able to do it in a fun and creative way.We signed up for a package and in a very short period of time he enhanced his strength, motor skills and most importantly, his self-confidence.
I wanted to share Knute’s story to reassure others parents that Ray is someone you can put trust and confidence with working with their children.  Ray has even helped my husband come back from a major spinal accident and now is in the best shape of his life; at age 75.“But that’s another story”
Carletta Downs     Proud Mother and Former Senior Vice President of HSBC

" Coach Ray comes highly recommended by my pediatrician; Dr JP Moise. He has a great way of working with kids that keeps them engaged and energized. We have already seen results in just a few short weeks. Ray encourages family fitness by having fun."
Anonymous - Age 15    Aspiring Dancer

" Coach Ray's Dance for Life Fitness program was recommended by my pediatrician Dr. Allendorf. I feel that this experience and training has been a great one. I feel that my body is more coordinated and balanced. It is also a method for reducing stress. Training takes you mind off things and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand I feel I’ve become stronger physically and mentally. "