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FAQs: Kids & Teens

Kids for Life e-Fitness Program

Welcome to the Kids for Life's e-Fitness program
No gym? No problem!
The program provides kids and teens with easy, fun fitness that don't require expensive equipment or heavy weights that can be performed anytime, anywhere.

The e-Fitness program provides:
•  Daily activity log and nutrition log to keep your child on track
•  Personalized e-fitness calendar
•  Customized cardiovascular programs
•  48 hour response to questions & program adjustments

How does it work?
Step 1:  Meet with an eFitness coach for pre-screening and consultation. Your child is given a pre-screening consultation that measures his or her current health, diet, fitness level and personality to create a customized fitness program tailored specifically to his or her unique needs.
Step 2: Personal Training Session: Program Review
Your child will work one on one with a Kids for Life Fitness coach to learn his or her prescribed e-Fitness program.

Step 3: Meet once a month with Kids for Life Fitness for program adjustments, health reassessment to monitor improvements and a new eFitness monthly program.