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Youth Fitness 101
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FAQs: Kids & Teens

Youth Fitness 101
Kids for Life Fitness programs revolve around a simple concept: help kids and teens develop to their fullest potential as they grow.

The program focuses on building muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular activity, nutrition and overall flexibility, which combine to enhance a child's overall physical condition.


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Youth Resistance Training vs. Adult Body Building

Not to be confused with weight lifting, body building, or power lifting.  Youth resistance strength training, involves exercises that increase muscle strength and endurance using light weights, bodyweight and controlled movements, with special emphasis on proper technique and safety.

Youth Resistance Training helps

.  Increase proportional muscle strength and endurance
.  Protect muscle and joints from injury
·  Improve posture
·  Enhance sports performance
Other benefits include:
·  Increase self-esteem
·  Sense of achievement
·  Becoming a role model for others