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FAQs: Kids & Teens
Muscular Strength
and Endurance

Building strength and endurance is an important part of a child’s development. Strength training helps build stronger bones and ligaments, enhancing your child’s endurance and ability to resist force.

How does kids and teens benefit from Muscular Strength & Endurance training?

Improves muscular balance
Develops a harmonious balance in your child’s muscular system by increasing strength in weaker muscles through fun and safe exercises.

Prevents injuries
Strengthens the ligaments responsible for holding together the joints and tendons that anchor muscles to bones, which prevents injuries during physical activity.

Boosts metabolism
Prevents weight gain and obesity by increasing lean muscle mass, which helps burn calories throughout the day.

Enhances brain power
Increases blood circulation, brain cells, and overall brain function. Studies show that more active children perform better in school than those who are less active.

Enhances Upper-Body Strength and Endurance
Vital to performing daily-living activities and maintaining functional health and good posture, good upper-body strength is a necessary part of development.