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FAQs: Kids & Teens

About Kids for Life Fitness

There’s no other fitness program like Kids for Life Fitness. Our network of certified fitness coaches, health professionals and pediatricians are dedicated to creating long-lasting lifestyle change for kids.
The Kids for Life Philosophy

We don’t baby kids at Kids for Life Fitness. We teach them discipline, self-respect, and the value of hard work.  Most importantly, we show them how to apply those fundamental values to everything they do, whether it’s athletics, school, or work. 
Ray Morales: Founder and Head Fitness Coach
Kids for Life Fitness founder Ray Morales weighed 187 lbs when he was just 11 years old. One day, he grabbed his bike and started riding. The pounds dropped off and Ray never looked back. What’s more,he’s the guy people come to when they need to improve their lifestyles.

“I started Kids for Life Fitness because I know what it’s like to be an overweight kid, and I understand how to overcome the challenge of losing weight at a young age,” Ray says. “But I want all kids, whether they’re overweight, out of shape, or just eager to improve their game, to be able to benefit from this program."