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FAQs: Kids & Teens
Sports Development Program
Kids for Life Sports Development program is the ultimate in sports specific strength and conditioning for young athletes. 

We help your child to enhance skills in a sport that he or she enjoys, be it basketball, field hockey, soccer, etc., and coach him or her on how to enhance skills for a preferred position within that sport, such as shortstop for baseball or goalie for soccer.

We help your child increase his or her knowledge of:
  • Balance and coordination
  • Rhythm and reaction time
  • Spatial orientation & body and limb position
  • Limb coordination
  • Injury prevention
  • Physical skills such as speed, endurance, agility and the exercises needed to maintain and improve such skills
Why does your child need personal attention to learn a sport?
Safety! While many youth sports organizations provide players with some type of strength training regime, many do not consider the needs of individual players.

For instance, an exercise best suited to a particular child might not work as well for a different child. Also, some kids have injuries or physical abnormalities which can worsen if neglected.

Instead of forcing each child to perform the same exercises, Kids for Life Fitness creates individualized fitness programs for each child that strengthen weak bones and muscles, prevent injuries, and eliminate current injuries through individualized training.